Herfs Meestersgradeplegtigheid 2012 2

Hierdie week word die Herfs Meestersgradeplegtigheid en PhD-gradeplegtigheid op kampus gehou. Die Skool is trots op die 10 Meestersstudente wat vandag graad gevang het. Baie geluk aan die studente en hulle studieleiers.




Ricardo da Camara The price and volatility transmission of international financial crises to the South African equity market Dr Andre Heymans
Marnel Ferreira The role of access to finance in the growth of firms in South Africa Prof Marianne MattheeProf Waldo Krugell
Alicia Fourie Green economics: A case study of South Africans’ willingness to pay for climate change mitigation Prof Waldo Krugell
Kobus Lamprecht A comparison of the characteristics of internationalizing SMEs in South Africa and the BRIC countries Prof Marianne Matthee
Francois Liebenberg The volatility spillover effect of a dual listed stock for international markets Dr Chris van HeerdenProf Andrea Saayman
Tommy Pietersen The role of selected Investment Promotion Agencies in South Africa to attract Foreign Direct Investment Dr Henri BezuidenhoutProf Ludo Cuyvers
Jolene Steenkamp Current practices and guidelines for classifying credit risk boundary events: A South African approach0 Dr Andre Heymans
Jaco van der Walt The effect of the financial crisis on credit scoring in the retail credit market in South Africa Prof Gary van Vuuren
Jan van Greunen Determining the impact of different forms of stationarity on financial time-series analysis Dr Andre Heymans
Wikus White The role of securitization and credit default swaps in the credit crisis: A South African perspective Prof Gary van Vuuren

As jy nuuskierig is om te sien hoe so gradeplegtigheid agter die skerms uit ‘n dosent se oogpunt lyk, kyk na hierdie kort video wat Prof Krugell gemaak het!


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