Conference news: Proff Saayman and Rossouw in Coimbra Reply

In between the exam papers and marking Prof Andrea Saayman and Prof Riaan Rossouw quickly jumped on a plane last week and delivered papers at the Advanced Research Workshop in Tourism Economics. The workshop was held at the Museu Nacional Machado de Castro in Coimbra, Portugal.

Prof Saayman presenting at ARWTE 2012

The workshop accepts only a small number of papers with top researchers in the field presenting their research. Prof Saayman spoke on the topic: “Tourism demand modelling: Can the Rotterdam model outperform the AIDS?”. This was work done with Andre Botha for his MCom dissertation.

Prof Rossouw, in a joint paper with Lucas van Wyk, Melville Saayman and Andrea Saayman, presented their research comparing economic impact analyses. They compared the results of partial Input-Output models, SAM-based multiplier models and CGE models of the economic impact of tourism. To learn more about this, the presentation is here:  Comparison of economic impact analyses.

Aside from all the hard work, they also took some time to taste some port in Porto and eat lots of pastis de Belem!

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