The weekly free lunch Reply

If you lost track of the news stories this week, our Weekly free lunch post will keep you updated.

This week the Olympic Games produced more interesting news than the financial markets. 

We did manage to track down some interesting longer reads. The topic is growth: the current global slowdown and catch-up growth and deep development:

  • For the SA context FNB economist Dr. Cees Bruggemans wrote about global growth and growth hurdles.
  • The Economist’s Free Exchange blog discussed a new paper by Richard Baldwin on how changes in manufacturing and global value chains influence the way in which emerging economies will grow.
  • At the Project Syndicate blog Dani Rodrik saw these changes as a danger to catch-up growth.
  • And Ryan Avent responded on the Free Exchange blog.

You can read all these stories on our page.

If all this sound a bit too serious, have a look at The Economist’s series of Olympic Games daily charts.

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