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It is the end of September and we are at the end of the first three months of “blogging with a plan”. In July we started with four posts per week: one Research, one Guest post, one News and one WFL and now is a good time to take stock.

In total we had 3171 views over the period. The top page was the Research page explaining the topics that staff members do research on. It is closely followed by September’s Tourism Month page. The top post was Riaan’s on the Impact of tourism on poverty, followed by Carike’s post on Chinese FDI in Africa.

The top-10 ranking of countries where the visitors came from was South Africa, the UK, US, Belgium, India, Philipines, Thailand, Italy, Ukraine and Singapore.

If you wondered, RPP stands for the Raymond Parsons Project. Prof Parsons is in the building, but we still need to get him on the blog. If you want to get an idea of what to look forward to, have a look at his excellent paper delivered at the Peet Strydom colloquium: Political economy.The complete list of research posts looks as follows:

  • South African firm-level evidence of the links between finance and efficiency.
  • Spillover-effects in manufacturing.
  • Is South Africa a shopping destination?
  • The economic impact of the KKNK.
  • Agglomeration and firm-level efficiency.
  • Does conservation make sense to local communities?
  • Thailand’s export opportunities and export promotion.
  • The impact of tourism on poverty in South Africa.
  • Thailand’s export opportunities and export potential in Asian +3
  • Marathons, carbon footprints and willingness to pay.
  • Chinese foreign direct investment in Africa.
  • Barriers to internationalization: Firm-level evidence from South Africa.
  • The relationship between the forward and realized spot-exchange rate in South Africa.

Guest bloggers from outside the School included:

  • Jan Venter: Institutionalising the second phase of the revolution?! The right way to go?!
  • Lindie du Plessis: Pricing guidelines for hotels and guesthouses in South Africa.
  • Johan Fourie: Counting tourists.

We are thinking about the way forward. We would like to provide more resources for high school learners and students. We would like to have more guest posts. There are some compelling arguments why academics should blog: see for example this LSE article Academics and universities should embrace blogging as a vital tool of academic communication and impact. Maybe we can start the dialogue in SA economics.

We would also like to hear back from our readers, what would you like to see here?

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