The econoblogosphere is here Reply

The econoblogosphere has finally arrived in South Africa with a local version of the Project Syndicate or that we all know and love. It is called Econ3x3 (3 by 3).


It is an independent forum for critical public debate on unemployment and employment, income distri­bution and inclusive growth in South Africa. It publishes accessible research-based contribu­tions and expert commentaries.

The blog is an initiative of the Research Project on Employment, Income Distribution and Inclusive Growth, based at SALDRU and supported by National Treasury. The editor is Prof Frederick Fourie and there is a list of well-know advisors. Their target audience is everyone who is interested in the South African economy and the challenges that we face, including academic and private sector economists, policymakers, bureaucrats, the media and students.

They already have a number of good posts up to get the reading and reasoning going. There is:

  • Philippe Burger on the NDP and export-led growth.
  • Anthony Black on industrial policy and unemployment.
  • Eddie Rakabe on the jobs fund and youth wage subsidy.

There is also a debate that you can join on Why does the informal economy not generate employment?

My hope is that this will be an open and vibrant forum with lots of people contributing their views. I think that many academic economists are still reluctant to discuss their research in such a popular forum, and even to comment on blogs. Hopefully this will get us all reading, writing and reasoning.

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