New book for an extraordinary Prof Reply

Prof Peet Strydom is an extraordinary Professor in the School of Economics and well known for the annual Peet Strydom colloquium. He has also organised the annual Ruiterbosch conference over the past 14 years and his guests / collaborators decided to celebrate the event, and his 75th birthday, with a book.Prof Peet se boek

Part one of the book represents international economic perspectives and includes as a first chapter Prof Peet’s discussion document at the 2012 Ruiterbosch conference, with the title “Unequal income distribution and economic growth: a labour market perspective”. There are also contributions from Cees Bruggemans, Stan du Plessis, Noelani King Conradie (with Thalma Corbett), Elsabe Loots (with Carike Claassen), Raymond Parsons and Dawie Roodt.

The second part presents an overview of various national economic perspectives and includes contributions by Pieter Haasbroek, Lac Laubscher, Lieb Loots, Kuben Naidoo, Hugo  Pienaar, Eric Schaling, Mike Schussler, Ben Smit, Johan van den Heever and Wilma Viviers (with Ermie Steenkamp).

There are a number of interesting topics in this book that we hope to write more about in the weeks that follow. Congratulations to Prof Peet and the editors.


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