SONA2013 on twitter Reply

  1. Infographic summarizing some points of the State of The Nation address. #SONA2013
  2. #SONA2013 economy, education, crime and corruption big. New: a commission on civil servant pay, new youth hubs and special protest courts.
  3. State of the Nation 2013 – mining, education, land reform, violence and abuse, sport, rhinos, housing #sona2013
  4. Zuma- R3bn for the job fund approved for projects that will create jobs. Announced in 2010. #SONA2013
  5. Zuma: In 2014 we’ll create the National Health Insurance (NHI) fund. Aaron Motsoaledi has a real big smile on his face #SONA2013 @Jacanews
  6. Zuma states the obvious. Land question is a highly emotive matter #SONA2013
  7. #SONA2013 state to re-open restitution claims, notably for Khoi and San. That was about 12 minutes on land.
  8. Zuma: To further boost corruption fight, will fill all vacant posts at the upper echelons of criminal justice system #SONA2013 @Jacanews
  9. #SONA2013 is a cut &paste #Zuma was summarizing the real issues surrounding South Africa
  10. #SONA2013 My view? Solid. But I don’t think it captured the nation’s zeitgeist and no real clarity on youth jobs plan.
  11. The issue of job creation and youth unemployment was not adequately addressed in #SONA2013
  12. #SONA2013 did not address infrastructure funding distortions through rapid escalation of tariffs such as electricity, depleting households.
  13. I wasn’t necessarily looking for detailed plans from Zuma, for that I will wait for Pravin #Sona2013
  14. It doesn’t matter that there weren’t new ideas in #SONA2013. We need implementation of our policies, not endless talking
  15. #SONA2013 needed to address the economic basics. No new economic activity without investment. No investment without savings.
  16. @GCIS_Media The National Development Plan is an over aching plan for government, which is a 20 year plan #SONA2013
  17. While the #SONA2013 had elements of inviting the private sector into govt plans, largely this was about more state expansion.

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