Luiz on “What is governance?” Reply

The students who took ECON623 last year will recall how much we talked about Why Nations Fail and inclusive institutions. Prof John Luiz has some interesting forthcoming research on this in Mozambique. Have a look at this post on The Governance blog.


LuizJohn Luiz of the University of Cape Town responds to Francis Fukuyama’s “What is governance?”, published by Governance this week:

I welcome this important contribution to the broader discussion of governance and development, and indeed the use of institutional measures in general within the social sciences. In his commentary Pollitt quite rightly reflects that “Fukuyama does not ask the fundamental question of why we would wish to measure governance in the first place?”  This is not a matter of semantics as any critique will depend upon the reason why we want these measures. Potential problems of endogeneity loom large in some of these measures depending upon how they are utilized.

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