New book on Competitive Intelligence Reply

CI book

Marie-Luce Kuhn has a new book out Competitive Intelligence: The key to intelligent business.

She is a PhD alumnus of the School of Economics and an expert in the field of competitive intelligence, working at IBIS. The book makes for an interesting read. In the age of big data, information is strategically important for any business . The challenge is to collect, assess, analyse, contextualise and then utilise it. The competitive intelligence process is a way to do that.

Her book covers a number of topics:

  • The essence of competitive intelligence.
  • How to get started in CI.
  • Gathering competitive information.
  • Creating intelligence.
  • Managing CI, and
  • Defending against hostile CI.

It has some practical advice and very useful checklists.

The book is available via the IBIS website.

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