Happy blogiversary 1

This blog turns 1 today! On the 23rd of April 2012 we make the first “Welkom” post and the rest is history.

HT Chris Blattman

HT Chris Blattman

Over the year we made 167 posts. The all-time views are difficult to pin down, but at 21:25 yesterday evening we were at 14871 views.  Our busiest day was on 24 June 2012 when we reported on the launch of the TRADE research niche area and the book on Export Promotion.

Our all time top-5 pages were:

  • the Home page.
  • ATKV debat page
  • Research page
  • Nagraads / post-grad page
  • Tourism economics page.

The top-5 posts that got the most views over the past year were:

  • The impact of tourism on poverty in South Africa.
  • BRICS: Who are they, where are they going, do they really matter?
  • The strong-Rand, weak-Rand debate.
  • TRADE and the export promotion book launch.
  • Chinese FDI in Africa.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors of original posts and those whose posts we could reblog. A big thank you goes out to everyone who follow the blog, the people who have commented on posts, the regular and infrequent readers.

Since the School started this blog there has been a number of offshoots and now Riaan, Carike and Requier are blogging. TRADE is soon to get its own web page.

There are still some big plans for this blog, so stay tuned. It is still much more fun than writing papers!


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