A quick follow-up on carbon tax Reply

While on the topic of the environment, climate change and carbon taxes, I want to link to this story at Polity.org.za: Carbon tax will not be implemented if not ready. It touches on a number of the issues raised in the previous post. There is the classic prisoners’ dilemma:

Questions are also being asked about whether there is any real advantage in being an early mover when so few other countries are planning to adopt carbon-tax regimes or implement emission-trading schemes.

There are some serious questions about the details of the proposed tax, but also a feeling that maybe the carbon tax is just another way for government to increase its revenue.

I’m wondering whether the opposition that we are seeing to urban tolling and carbon taxes is basically a tax revolt. Maybe it is not the case that most people do not care about congestion or climate change, it is that they do not want to pay more taxes of any kind. This is the price of inefficient spending and corruption – it leaves government with even less tax payer goodwill when they do try new and generally sensible policies.

If you are interested in this sort of thing, have a look at this interesting article: The World Bank estimates that the carbon footprint of a first-class airplane seat may be as much as nine times larger than an economy-class berth!

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