Papers presented at the IATE conference 2013 2

IATE 2013

Proff Krugell, Kruger, Saayman and Saayman at the conference dinner at Ljubjana castle

Last week, staff of the School of Economics and TREES research area presented papers at the 2013 conference of the International Association of Tourism Economics. The conference was held in Ljubjana, Slovenia. The papers were:

  • Forecasting tourism arrivals in the presense of seasonality – A non-linear approach, by Andrea Saayman and Ilse Botha (UJ).
  • An ARDL bounds test approach to modelling tourist expenditure in South Africa, by Andrea Saayman and Melville Saayman.
  • Determinants of participant spending at the Comrades Marathon: A comparison between an up and down run, by Martinette Kruger and Melville Saayman.
  • Green wheels turning? Willingness to pay and participants’ views on green initiatives at the P’nP Cape Argus Cycle Tour, by Waldo Krugell and Melville Saayman.

Prof Krugell and a few others tweeted from the conference and you can catch the highlights here:

[View the story “IATE2013” on Storify]


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