Preparing for the world of work 1

This week the School is looking outward and we have invited guest speakers to tell our students more about the world of work, what employers are looking for and how they can prepare their CVs for the tough process of job search. The line-up includes:

  • Me Rose Blatch of ITRISA spoke to the third year students last week telling them more about work in the international trade environment.
  • Yesterday, Mr Peet Roos of the campus Career Centre made a presentation on CVs and preparation for interviews.
  • On Friday Mr Gert van Wyk of Senwes will tell students more about risk management in Agri-business and the world of futures and options.
  • Next Monday Prof Raymond Parsons will speak on the topic of South African political economy – crucial stuff if you want to sound informed in that interview!
Peet speaking on competencies

Peet speaking on competencies

Yesterday’s presentation on CVs and interviews took an interesting approach: Peet did not go into the details of formatting CVs, or present a list of do’s and don’ts for interviews, but rather urged students to become competent at presenting their competencies. He argued that the world of work will require them to change, to learn to take risks, to persist and to lead. To convince prospective employers that you will be able to do this you need to sell your competencies in your CV and in an interview. This means that you have to focus on presenting your knowledge, skills and attitude. He translates this into more practical terms: showing what is in your head, hands and heart.

But your CV should not be just a list of things: telling people that you know some economics, that you can estimate econometric models and that you are really super-duper keen on working for their company – you have to lead with examples to convince them. Focus on the really hard (that used to be called soft) skills.

If you are looking for some advice and inspiration, have a look at Prof Jonathan Jansen’s recent letter for Times Live: It is hard work to work.

If you are looking for some practical tips and tricks, have a look at these slides Prof Krugell prepared for a post last year.

One comment

  1. 🙂 great work Dr. Krugell. You really inspire past & present students.

    To consider: We live in the information age, see coursera, iTunesU, Khan Academy (recently refreshed my knowledge of financial statements there in 10mins)……list goes on.

    Information is accesible to all. This changes everything !!!!

    The future belongs to those who know how to apply knowledge. A application problem vs. a access problem. The rules have changed, hope the custodian of future leaders notices & responds.

    Enjoying your posts please keep it up.

    Hannes Van der Walt

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