Seminar: Francois Groepe of the SARB on monetary policy Reply

GroepeThis morning the School of Economics was privileged to host Mr Francois Groepe of the South African Reserve Bank at our seminar. Mr Groepe is a deputy governor of the Bank and member of the MPC and it was very interesting to hear more about monetary policy straight from the top policymakers.

The link to the speech is here.

We would like to thank Mr Groepe for the extended Q&A session which covered the definition of financial stability, systemic risk, macro-prudential regulation, bitcoin, youth unemployment and Prof Kleynhans’ mom’s savings and interest rates.

He also covered a number of policy research gaps that may present interesting dissertation topics for the future:

  • What are the objectives of macro-prudential regulation?
  • What does the toolkit of instruments look like, to achieve those objectives?
  • How effective are the instruments?
  • What measures can be used to identify systemic risk?

We would like to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to visit Potch.

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