Research news from UNCTAD 1

This week staff of the School of Economics and associates of the TRADE research niche are visiting UNCTAD in Geneva, Switzerland. We are presenting a paper at the UNCTAD Virtual Institute’s research seminar, but more about that tomorrow.

Marianne Matthee and Marco Fugazza at UNCTAD

Marianne Matthee and Marco Fugazza at UNCTAD

Yesterday we had a number of meetings with researchers in the Trade Analysis branch at UNCTAD. Proff. Matthee and Krugell met with Marco Fugazza and Alessandro Nicita and had some interesting discussions on exports and exporters. The key question that they are interested in is how exporters grow big. Research has shown that exporting firms are typically larger and more efficient that non-exporters, but how do they get there? Do they differentiate products, or destinations, or both? Is there a domino effect? Do they experiment in regional markets before going international? What determines the duration of an export relationship? And what is the role of trade liberalisation? We have some excellent ideas for future research.

At the same time Prof Viviers and Dr Grater also had meetings at the ITC about an Non-Tariff Measures project and at UNCTAD about trade in services.

More about the papers at the research seminar tomorrow.

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