Colloquium 2013 1

Yesterday the Honours  / fourth year students in Economics, Risk Management and International Trade presented the research that they have been doing for their mini-dissertations. The term colloquium is from the Latin colloqu for conversation, to talk together, and we had some interesting discussions. The presentations that I attended included topics like:

  • Analysis of FDI in Africa, using deal-level data.
  • Distinguishing between Chinese and Western approaches to FDI in Africa.
  • The links between shocks in the agriculture sector and the rest of the economy using structural path analysis.
  • Looking at market access for exports into Africa.
  • The efficiency of small SA banks after the financial crisis, using data envelopment analysis.
  • The economics of rhino poaching.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of nuclear energy.

There were some good presentations on interesting work. Congratulations to the class of 2013 and the supervisors.

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