The best of 2013 Reply

EW vir LinkedInThe campus and the hallway has gone quiet and it is time for that year-in-review post. On this blog we have posted research, opinions and news from the School and there are many highlights to choose from. First some stats:

  • We made 59 posts.
  • Total page views during 2013 was 15905.
  • The top pages were: the resources for the ATKV debate competition, the Post-grad studies page, the Open Day page, the TRADE page and the Tourism Economics page.
  • The top posts were the ones on the economic history of Apartheid workshop and the Youth Wage Subsidy.
  • From 2012, Riaan Rossouw’s post on the impact of tourism on poverty and Carike Claassen’s post on the BRICS were still getting a lot of views.

A blog highlight was Prof Peet Strydom’s posts on monetary policy. He wrote about:

Through the course of the year we reported on training (trade analysis, impact evaluation), research travels (UNCTAD, Hong Kong, U.S.) conferences, the colloquium and graduation ceremonies (autumn, spring).

Other highlights included:

We want to wish our readers a sunny summer vacation, merry Christmas and a happy 2014.

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