Live long and publish! Reply

Staff and post-grad students of the School have been working hard this year and we are happy to present this quick round up of articles that have been accepted for publication for the year to date. We will be posting the abstracts over the following weeks to share the ideas and results of all this research.

BEZUIDENTHOUT, H. & NAUDé, W.A. 2014. Migrant Remittances Provide Resilience against Disasters in Africa, Atlantic Economic Journal
BLAAUW, P.F. & KRUGELL, W.F. 2014. Micro-evidence on day labourers and the thickness of labour markets in South Africa. South African Journal of Economic Management Sciences
CHISTÉ, C. & VAN VUUREN, G. W. 2014. Investigating the cyclical behaviour of the dry bulk shipping market. Maritime policy and management: The flagship journal of international shipping and port research, 41(1):1-19.
CLOETE, E., BEZUIDENHOUT, H., CLAASSEN, C. 2014. The determinants of Indian FDI in Africa: A structural equation approach. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 7(3)
JACOBS, C., VIVIERS, W. & STEENKAMP, E. 2014. Identifying accessible export opportunities for South Africa in South America. Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences
PHIRI, A. 2014. Nutrition and economic growth in South Africa: A Threshold Co-integration approach. Journal of Economic Studies
PRETORIUS, A.M. & DE BEER, J. 2014. Comparing the South African stock market’s response to two periods of distinct instability – the 1997-98 East Asian and Russian crisis and the recent global financial crisis, International Business and Economics Research Journal
ROSSOUW, R. AND CLOETE, P.C. 2014. ‘Game Ranching Inter-Sectoral Linkages: A Structural Path Analysis for South Africa’, Development Southern Africa
SAAYMAN, A., SAAYMAN, M. & GYEKYE, A. 2014. Perspectives on the regional economic value of a pilgrimage.  International Journal of Tourism Research
SAAYMAN, M. & SAAYMAN, A. 2014. How deep are scuba divers’ pockets? Tourism Economics
SAAYMAN, M. & SAAYMAN, A. 2014. Who are willing to pay to see the Big 7? Tourism Economics,
SAAYMAN, A. & SAAYMAN, M. 2014. An ARDL Bounds test approach to modelling tourist expenditure in South Africa. Tourism Economics
SPIES, D., IDSARDI, E.F. & STEENKAMP, E. 2014. Selecting alternative export markets for Namibia’s red meat products: Application of a decision support model. Agrekon, 53(1): 75-103.
VAN DYK, F., VAN VUUREN G.W. & HEYMANS, A. 2014. Hedge fund performance evaluation using the sharpe and omega ratios. International Business & Economics Research Journal 13(3).
VAN GREUNEN, J., HEYMANS, A., VAN HEERDEN, C. & VAN VUUREN, G. 2014. The prominence of stationarity in time series forecasting, Studies in Economics and Econometrics, 38(1)
VAN HEERDEN, C., HEYMANS, A., VAN VUUREN, G., & BRAND, W. 2014. A Risk-Adjusted Performance Evaluation Of US And EU Hedge Funds And Associated Equity Markets Over The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis, International Business and Economics Research Journal, 13(1): 169-190.
VAN HEERDEN, C. AND ROSSOUW, R. 2014. ‘Resource utilisation efficiency: A South African provincial evaluation’, South African Journal of Economics
VAN NIEKERK, A. & VIVIERS, W. 2014. Promoting sustainable economic growth in South Africa through the production and export of low-carbon environmental goods, South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences
VIVIERS, W., STEENKAMP, E., LUBBE, M.S. & OLIVIER, D. 2014. The identification of realistic export opportunities for the South African pharmaceutical industry. International Business and Economics Research Journal
WAIT, C.V.R. & ROSSOUW, R. 2014. The alleged economic benefits of shale gas extraction in the southern Karoo of South Africa. Southern African Business Review

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