Happy blogiversary! 1

This blog turns 2 today! On the 23rd of April 2012 we make the first Welcome post and since we have been blogging as if we do not know the meaning of opportunity cost.

HT Chris Blattman

HT Chris Blattman

Over the past year we made 81 posts (compared to 167 in the previous year). The all-time views are 30933 with 15274 in the past year, so per post we are doing well. Our busiest day in the past year was 2 May 2013 with a total of 255 views.

Our top-5 pages in the past year were:

the Home page,
ATKV debate page,
The economic resources page, specifically the part on the circular flow of economic activity,
the Research page, and
the TRADE page.

The top-5 posts that got the most views over the past year were:

The impact of tourism on poverty in South Africa.
BRICS: Who are they, where are they going, do they really matter?
The strong-Rand, weak-Rand debate.
The socio-economic impact of the Table Mountain National Park.
Does conservation make sense to local communities?

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors of original posts and those whose posts we could reblog. A big thank you goes out to everyone who follow the blog, the people who have commented on posts, the regular and infrequent readers.


One comment

  1. Baie geluk met die blog se 2 jaar anniversary!
    Dis altyd lekker om te sien wat nuus is by die Skool van Ekonomie en om te sien watse navorsing daar aan gewerk word.
    Die blog maak ook vir lekker en interessante leesstof – baie geluk!

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