Madiba Day tea Reply

Tea time

Tea time

When last did you knit a scarf, or crochet a beautiful hat? If you have ever tried your hand at crafts such as these, you will know that (as I recently discovered after a horrifically failed attempt at crocheting) they are no mean feats.

The women of the Holding Hands project just outside of Potchefstroom perform these crafts daily, and with flair. We had the pleasure of hosting these ladies to a tea on Friday, 18 July in honour of Madiba Day.

Though we hope that the occasion provided some welcome rest to these hard-working ladies, it is the School of Economics that actually was treated. What a privilege to share a cup of tea with a group as dynamic as this. Ranging in ages from 23 to in the sixties, these women form part of the Holding Hands project which aims to develop skills in the local community so that people can find gainful employment.

For these women, their handiness with a needle and thread provides that opportunity. Sophie wore an example of such handiwork; a hat that she had knitted herself. We also got to know elegant Dorkas, who spoke with pride about her son who is currently in high school. Maria, Dora, Julie and Sara are also some of the people we got to know. It was wonderful to meet all of the ladies who attended, and we look forward to working more closely with Holding Hands in future.

If you are interested in finding out more about Holding Hands, visit this website.

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