WTO Chair, launched 1

Earlier we reported that Prof Wilma Viviers has been selected to hold a World Trade Organisation (WTO) chair. Last week Wednesday the NWU hosted the launch event and this blog will report on the work of the chair and the launch event in a number of posts this week. Prof Viviers is a research Professor and head of the TRADE research entity, but the work of the entity and her work as chair is closely linked to much of the research done in the School of Economics.

WTO chair launch

Prof Viviers with Mr David Shark, the Deputy Director-General of the WTO, Prof Dan Kgwadi, the NWU’s Vice-Chancellor and Mr Maarten Smeets of the WTO

The WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) spans a four-year period and involves a substantial grant. It aims to create a better understanding of the multilateral trading system among academics and policymakers in developing countries through a range of curriculum development,  research and outreach activities conducted in selected research institutions such as the NWU. Professor Viviers’ appointment is the outcome of a rigorous international selection process aimed at identifying academics and academic institutions that, through their analytical work in the areas of trade policy and practice, are well placed to make a significant contribution to the policy-making process in their respective countries and regions.

The press release on the NWU website is available here.

You can watch a short video of Prof Viviers on YouTube, explaining the role of a WTO Chair.

Engineering News also had a good summary.


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