2014 blog round up Reply

The academic year is now winding down and though there is still a bit of marking to do, papers to review and a meeting or two to attend in the next week or so, this blog is going on holiday.

Vakansie 2015 I would like to thank, on behalf of the School, all the contributors and our loyal readers. Over the course of the year we made 59 posts that had some 20227 views. A few highlights of the year include:

  • The launch of Prof Wilma Viviers’ WTO chair.
  • Our top post is still The impact of tourism on poverty in South Africa.
  • Followed by The strong-rand, weak-rand debate.

We made a number of posts with news from the School, about seminars and conferences and student achievers. We also started to share resources for high school-level Economics and there are big plans for 2015.

We also made a number of posts about research done in the School and you can catch up with those here:

Here is to a blessed holiday season and happy 2015!