The Economists’ Coffee Club Reply

This week the School is launching a new initiative for staff and students. It is called The Economists’ Coffee Club. It is  inspired by the role that London coffee houses played in trade and financial markets in the 17th and 18th centuries. Our club is a weekly opportunity to discuss the latest events in the international and South African economy, as well as the research that sheds light on it. It is not a seminar with a speaker and an audience – we want it to be a conversation where everyone learns from one another.

Econ coffee clubThe time slot is Tuesdays at 13:00 in building E3, room G14. You can bring your own lunch and if you participate in the conversation you can score one of the School’s famous cups of coffee.

On Tuesday the 10th of February Prof Krugell will take the lead with some views on how we think about the economy and the factors that influence it.

For Tuesday the 17th we have asked Prof Andre Duvenhage to add some political analysis to the mix and talk about the State of the Nation Address.


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