From the seminar series: FDI in Africa Reply

Yesterday Dr Henri Bezuidenhout was he first speaker in the 2015 seminar series. He talked about his research on Foreign Direct Investment in Africa.

HenriBez on FDIHe contrasted the “hopeless continent” and “Africa rising” stories of the last ten years and showed that foreign investment in Africa has been increasing – but it has also been providing unequal opportunities. The forces that will be shaping FDI in Africa over the next few years include the recent decline in commodity prices and the nature of value added trade – more production and trade is taking place as part of global value chains and this presents opportunities for and threats to investors in Africa.

Henri’s current research projects include:

  • Analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the transport sector.
  • FDI in tourism in Africa.
  • FDI in Agriculture in Africa.
  • An economic diplomacy project at SAIIA – they have a #FDIexperiences event on Monday in Cape Town.
  • and Collaboration with the Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment. As part of the Emerging Market Global Players programme the aim is to survey top-40 multinationals in developing economies who are investing abroad.


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