Resources for postgrads Reply

Academics are sayingOn Friday the School and TRADE hosted the first session of our writing course for postgrads. We have experts from the School of Languages who are helping the Master’s and PhD students with those first steps in the research process.

This year we also want to use this blog to share a few resources that we have discovered on the interwebs:

  • The LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog has an idea for storyboarding research. A good research question has a simple answer and good planning is half the battle. Maybe you want to think about the storyboard approach.
  • Via @write4research (you should follow them on Twitter) we discovered some nice ideas for doing quicker literature reviews. This will tie in with the help that the subject librarians offer.
  • On the technical-writing-skills side, here are the top-10 style checks to keep in mind: Do your paragraphs follow a ‘topic/ body/ tokens/ wrap’ structure?
  • If you are very serious about the human capital, you can take this Stanford MOOC on Writing in the Sciences.


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