The staff are keeping busy Reply

Along with all the graduation events and awards functions, the staff of the School of Economics have been busy attending workshops:

  • Chris Kapp kursusCarike Claassen, Alicia Fourie and Frans Dreyer attended a postgraduate supervision course presented by Prof Chris Kapp. They enjoyed a week at the west coast and learned a lot about how to help you through that dissertation or thesis.
  • Prof Ewert Kleynhans and Anmar Pretorius attended an ERSA workshop in Stellenbosch on the Economics of competition and industrial organisation.
  • Prof Andrea Saayman is attending an ERSA workshop in East London on public good games and experiments. (You can find out more about the ERSA workshops here)

This week on Thursday, Prof Wilma Viviers is hosting a WTO-TRADE Roundtable on the topic of global value chains and trade facilitation. Along with staff and students of the School, we will have two extraordinary Profs Ludo Cuyvers and Peet Strydom there, along with participants from Law, Engineering and Politics.

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