WTO-TRADE round table discussion Reply

On Thursday last week Prof Wilma Viviers hosted a WTO-TRADE round table discussion on Global Value Chains, export promotion and trade facilitation.

GVC round tableThe topic is inspired by recent work by Richard Baldwin and Marcel Timmer and their co-authors. The argument is that trade and industrialisation works differently in the era of fragmented production across global value chains and this holds implications for the export promotion and trade facilitation research done by the WTO-TRADE group.

The event included extraordinary Professors Peet Strydom and Ludo Cuyvers as well as colleagues from Economics, Agricultural economics, Law, Political science and Engineering. Prof Raymond Parsons of the Business School was also there and policymakers from the Department of Trade and Industry.

Prof Peet gave an overview of global value chains in South Africa and the many constraints that foreign and local firms in these networks face. Prof Ludo compared outward FDI promotion, inward FDI promotion and export promotion within the context of global value chains.

This blog will be reporting more about the research done by this group throughout the year.

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