Think tank on the city of the future Reply

Last week, Prof Krugell had the opportunity to speak at the Stellenbosch University and the Katolieke Universiteit Leuven’s Think Tank event in Stellenbosch.

SU think tank

A talk about urban economies + pizza

The aim of the think tank is student engagement and co-curricular learning. The students at Stellenbosch and Leuven are undergrads through to Master’s students from different faculties, providing multiple perspectives and hopefully innovative learning. The students write blogs and all the guest speakers are recorded on video. There are opportunities for skype discussions and at the end of the year the programme culminates in a face-to- face workshop. You can check out the programme’s Bonfiire page.

This year’s theme is: Making the city of the future. On the South African side the guest speakers have included: Tim Harris on the city and politics, Claire Abrahamse on architecture and urban design and Vulindlela Nyoni on urban space and art. Prof Krugell spoke on the topic of the urban economy. How we think about the economy from a spatial perspective and how we think about places from an economic perspective.

(a special word of thanks to Johan Fourie for the invite)

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