Conference news: Prof Kleynhans in Athens Reply

Prof. Ewert Kleynhans attended the 2nd Annual International Conference on Business, Law and Economics, in Athens in Greece during the week of 4 May 2015 organised by the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER). He presented a paper with the title: “Elements of industrial success and spillovers”, which attracted much interest, comments, advice and questions.

EPJK in Athens

Prof. Kleynhans at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

His paper investigated the factors that determine the international competitiveness of firms and industries in South Africa starting from a micro-economic level. The newest literature is studied followed by empirical studies on factors that ensure longevity in the market and enhancement of sales by films. Emphasis was placed on the various element of the South African industrial competitive platform. The focus was on the role that technological and knowledge play in the enhancement of competitiveness, efficiency and economic success. What makes this study unique is that it included the interaction of various factors on each other and also acknowledges that such spillovers might also harm the competitiveness of firms and industries.

The findings of this research will be published in the next edition of the international journal: Studia Oeconomica

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