News from the School Reply

During the first week of the exam, staff members of the School of Economics were busy with some research activities.

WTO TRADE GVC2On Thursday Prof Wilma Viviers hosted the second  WTO-TRADE roundtable discussion. A number of sub-themes have been developed around the topic of global value chains. There is an international trade promotion group (pictured), that includes extraordinary Professor Peet Strydom. There is trade and logistics with a law angle as well as an energy economics work group collaborating with engineering and a policy group. Exciting opportunities for research.

Firm level data workshopOn Friday Prof Marianne Matthee and Me Carli Jacobs presented some of their research in progress at a firm-level data analysis workshop at the National Treasury in Pretoria. This is a UNU-Wider project aimed at unlocking firm-level data in South Africa from tax records. They are specifically interested in exporter firms and are collaborating with Neil Rankin and Tasha Naughtin (pictured) at Stellenbosch University.

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