The future of Economics Reply

This semester Me Carike Claassen is organising a number of events for the third year Development Economics students to engage with a few issues of the day. Last week we showed the documentary The end of poverty and this week sees a discussion about the future of Economics.

Econ curriculum discussion This is quite a hot topic and we thought that it may be useful to provide some background reading:

  • The Economist is a good place to start with an article on changing the Economics curriculum.
  • Diane Coyle’s VoxEU post lists some of the common reform themes and what it may mean in practice.
  • Core-Econ is a project that develops the resources needed to change the curriculum. The tag line is: “Teaching Economics as if the last three decades had happened”.
  • Heavy weight economists are also taking on one another and recently Paul Romer had the econoblogosphere going with his criticism of “mathiness” in Economics. The Noahpinion blog has the highlights. Justin Fox also writes about it at the Bloomberg View.

The issues have also been discussed in the South African context. Have a look at this Daily Maverick article on the scholarship, policy and practice of Economics in SA.

Economists, of course, love a good argument with a “on the one hand, and on the other hand” and have replied to the debate in numerous posts. Here are links to a few of those:

Come and join the discussion at the coffee shop.

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