And that’s it for 2015 Reply

The campus is empty and the smart economists are already on the beach. It has been an exciting year in the world of economics with lots of news from the School of Economics.

island-life-beach We want to thank everyone who read or shared a post. Over the course of the year we made 60 posts and had 21800 views from 14155 visitors!

We also launched Die Ekonomie blog, a resource for high school level Economics in Afrikaans. Linking up the curriculum to interesting resources takes time, but we have grade 10 almost complete and grade 11 not far behind. There are 73 pages and we have received 16900 views from 8760 visitors. New pages and posts are on the to-do list for 2016.

Best wishes for the holidays. We will be back online from the 9th of January when the class of 2016 arrives on campus.


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