The class of 2016 is here Reply

CLass of 2016

On Saturday morning the class of 2016 arrived on campus and as lecturers are wont to do, we thought that we should share some advice:

  • Of the 100 kids of your cohort that entered grade 1, only 15 are going to university this year. So, yes, you are a smart young person, but that does not mean that you don’t have to work hard. You are now competing with all the other smart young people (across the globe basically) and a degree is not a meal ticket, it is a hunting ticket.
  • Which means that the whole university thing is not as much about what you learn in class, or for a test, or exam – it is about learning to learn and being open to learning lots more. That means learning from other students, learning for lecturers, learning from your community involvement, taking a Massive Online Open Course…
  • Now is the time to make new friends, take responsibility, learn from mistakes.
  • Maybe you can travel a bit, or teach something to someone.

You’ll see that many students just let university happen to them. It is much better to be inspired, be empowered, be engaged, than to watch lots and lots of series TV.

If you don’t believe us, read Prof Jonathan Jansen’s advice: Cracking it on campus, or Johan Fourie’s: A guide to your first year at university.


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