The first AgEcon seminar of 2016 Reply

Agricultural Economics is one of the new programmes in the School of Economics and we are quite excited to have all the agricultural economists on the hallway this year.

They also received their first guest to the seminar series this week in the person of Prof Paul Ingenbleek of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Wageningen is famous for its agriculture research and is very diversified in its training and research. Prof Ingenbleek is at Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, looking at agriculture issues in an African context.

Paul Ingebleek

Prof Ingenbleek being introduced by Dr Ernst Idsardi

Prof Ingenbleek presented a paper with the title: “If the consumer is far, far away: Overcoming remoteness on emerging markets through exploratory and exploitative market learning”.

It is a very cool panel data survey study of shrimp fishermen in Benin and examines the impact that distance from a main road has on the benefits that they could get from high-income market integration. He finds that:

  • remoteness is a disadvantage.
  • learning via exploring different production and marketing options did not help to access high income markets.
  • learning via exploiting existing abilities did help – but remoteness limits this.

We are looking forward to more of these interesting talks this year.


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