Excellent proposals at the Pitch colloquium Reply

Pitch coll 2_2016

Yesterday Prof WIlma Viviers led TRADE and the School’s first colloquium for MCom and PhD students in Economics and International Trade. This first one of the year is also known as the “pitch” colloquium where students pitch their research ideas to get some feedback before they get too far down the road.

There were some interesting topics and novel ideas. Here is a quick list of the Master’s topics:

  • Darlington Chizema wants to look at outward FDI from South Africa to SADC.
  • Heinrich Nel is interested in exchange rate volatility, financial development and exports.
  • Reghard van Niekerk will tackle a competition topic and is set to examine the determinants of seller concentration in South Africa.
  • Michelle Groenewald wants to look at correlates of racial tolerance (from the World Values Survey) in a panel of countries.
  • Jaco Mocke aims to combine analysis at sub-national and firm level, looking at predictors of export diversification.
  • Caro Janse van Rensburg is interested in marriage rates and gendered labour market outcomes.
  • Frieda Scheepers will be examining crop yields and rainfall.
  • Ingrid Jenserud wants to compare CIF/FOB transport cost with actual quotes obtained from industry.
  • Gabriel Mhonyera is interested in the channels through which regional trade integration can increase export competitiveness.
  • Jacob van Rensburg wants to examine the factors influencing port selection.

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