Supporting a bright young mind Reply

Every now and then economists get involved in the community!

George at the chess champs

George with the king and queen!

During the March holidays, the 2016 South African Junior Closed Chess Championship was held in Bloemfontein. This is where the bright young minds of South Africa battle it out on a chess board to be crowned as South African champions. Only 30 players per age category (i.e. U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20) are invited to participate in this prestigious event.

While other sport, based on physical ability, attracts lot of sponsorship and media coverage in South Africa, chess as a game of strategy and mental ability is often neglected. At the School of Economics we recognise that some of the brightest young minds and future leaders of the country can be found among the chess playing youth.

Staff from the School of Economics therefore pulled together to sponsor one player from Dr Kenneth Kaunda District who was invited to participate in this championship. George Bernet participated in the U14-boys category and finished 8th, losing only 2 of his 11 games. He dreams to become a Chess Grandmaster – the highest title any chess player can attain – and thanks everyone for bringing him one step closer to this dream.

(and thanks to Prof Andrea Saayman for taking the lead with this initiative)

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