Q1 round-up post – the lecturers Reply

This quarter the blogger-in-chief fell badly behind schedule, so to make up for it we are making one big round-up post of all the news that mattered in Q1.

EwertOne of the major highlights was that Prof Ewert Kleynhans received the National Research Foundation’s C-3 rating. The rating shows that Prof Kleynhans is an established researcher (it gives epic bragging rights) and comes with funding to aid future research.

Staff members of also attended courses and presented their work at conferences and workshops all over. Proff Andre Heymans and Chris van Heerden presented papers at the SA Finance Association conference in January. Prof Saayman was in France and Prof Kleynhans in Germany for conferences.

Foto DerickProf Derick Blaauw attended a Project Workshop: “Turning Livelihoods to Rubbish?: Assessing the impacts of formalisation and technologisation of waste management on the urban poor” at the University of Cape Town in February. The Workshop was hosted by the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. The purpose of this meeting was to create connections between researchers and learn from local activists and experts. During a wideranging conversation that moved from the specific dynamics of research to broader questions about the nature of politics, TLR researchers explained their interests and were given suggestions about how best to conduct their projects.

Sonja ICTSDProf Sonja Grater has been working hard on ICTSD research. In January she spoke at a seminar in Nairobi on the topic “Leveraging services and digital potential for inclusive economic growth”.  You can learn more about it here. Last week she was in Stellenbosch on the same theme, but with a Southern African focus.

Prof Henri Bezuidenhout expanded his expertise in Cultural Intelligence by obtaining a further certification from the Cultural Intelligence Center in Managing Unconscious Bias due to cultural influences. He attended certification training in Los Angeles from 20 to 22 March. He now holds the Certification of “CQ Certified Comprehensive” Adding the CQ dimension to our work on International Trade really augments the International Trade Program at NWU.

Henri Colombia

Henri also visited the Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment at Columbia University in New York for a meeting of the Emerging Markets Global Players (EMGP) Program (15-17 March). The program focus on research for Multinationals and Foreign Direct Investment from Major developing countries. Henri is the Country and Regional Representative for South Africa and SADC. The meeting was to focus on further collaboration between researchers on the program. Research from China, Russia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Turkey, Columbia, Korea, Taiwan, Hungary and Poland are involved. They were support by Research staff form Harvard and Cornell Universities as well as the Swiss Government’s Development agency.


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