ESSA conference 2017 Reply

ESSA 2017

Last week staff and post-graduate students of the School attended the Biennial Conference of the Economic Society of South Africa at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. They had a great time networking with other academics and listening to the latest research.

In total 11 papers were presented:

Sandra Makumbirofa and Andrea Saayman, Willingness to pay for common pool resources: A comparison between Ponta do Oura and Portofino.

Nik Theodore, Derick Blaauw, Anmar Pretorius and Rinie Schenck, The socioeconomic integration of migrant and native-born day labourers in Tshwane, South Africa.

Michelle Monique Meixieira Groenewald, Carike Claassen and Derick Blaauw, A cross country analysis of the relationship between ethnic tolerance and trust, and economic freedom. More…

ESSA conference 2015 Reply

Last week the School of Economics relocated to Cape Town for the biennial meeting of the Economic Society of South Africa at UCT. We presented an range of papers:

The opening plenary session

The opening plenary session

  • Marianne Matthee and Maria Santana Gallego, Trade margins of South Africa: A gravity model approach
  • Ewert Kleynhans and Moloto Joe Sekhobela Sekhobela, Intellectual capital of the various manufacturing sectors of South Africa
  • Henri Bezuidenhout and Sonja Grater, The dimensions of FDI in the tourism sector in Africa
  • Alicia Fourie and Waldo Krugell, Economic literacy of introductory economic students in South Africa: Is it on track?
  • Neil Rankin, Marianne Matthee, Tasha Naughtin and Carli Bezuidenhout, Extensive and intensive margins of exporting and productivity amongst South African firms
  • Ermie Steenkamp, Sonja Grater and Wilma Viviers, Identifying market access opportunities of South Africa’s exports in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Anmar Pretorius and Alain Kabundi, A factor analysis of global stock market integration
  • Sandra Makumbirofa and Andrea Saayman, Forecasting demand for qualified labour in the South African hotel industry


Conference news: ESSA2013 Reply


This week UFS and Bloemfontein is playing host to some of the best brains in Economics research in South Africa at the Biennial Conference of the Economic Society of South Africa.

There are many interesting papers on the programme. Check out the web site at

Staff of the School of Economics will also present their latest work:

  • Waldo Krugell with Melville Saayman: Willingness to pay for a green event – evidence from the Wacky Wine Festival.
  • Francois van Dyk (PhD student) with Gary van Vuuren: Hedge fund performance evaluation using the Sharpe and Omega ratios.
  • Anmar Pretorius with Alain Kabundi: South Africa’s stock market integration with developed and emerging markets.
  • Carike Claasen with Elsabe Loots and Alain Kabundi: Decoupling between emerging and advanced economies: An exploratory analysis.
  • Ewert Kleynhans: A microeconomic analysis of the level of optimisation of the capital and labour input base of the South African petroleum industry.
  • Requier Wait with Riaan Rossouw: The economic benefits of shale gas extraction in the Southern Karoo.
  • Ferdinand Niyimbanira (PhD student) with Waldo Krugell: More about the good Samaritans: Characteristics of volunteers in South Africa.
  • Alicia Fourie: Determining the efficiency of the TUCE in South Africa.

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