Prof Grater at the ICTSD Reply

Over the past month, staff members of the School have been traveling!

Sonja at ICTSD June 2017Prof Sonja Grater was invited to take part in two workshops arranged by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), held in Divonne-les-Bains, France, on the 13th and 14th of June 2017. The first day was dedicated to forming a Gender Advisory Group for the ICTSD that could assess the current work that has been done by the ICTSD on trade and gender equality, and also plan several ways forward for further research projects on this topic. The group will revisit the progress that has been made in September 2017. The second day was a broader seminar focussed on the role of private sustainability standards in global value chains and understanding the impact that it has on realising sustainable development and growth. The group that attended this session will also be working together on possible further research into this topic.

Q1 round-up post – the lecturers Reply

This quarter the blogger-in-chief fell badly behind schedule, so to make up for it we are making one big round-up post of all the news that mattered in Q1.

EwertOne of the major highlights was that Prof Ewert Kleynhans received the National Research Foundation’s C-3 rating. The rating shows that Prof Kleynhans is an established researcher (it gives epic bragging rights) and comes with funding to aid future research.

Staff members of also attended courses and presented their work at conferences and workshops all over. Proff Andre Heymans and Chris van Heerden presented papers at the SA Finance Association conference in January. Prof Saayman was in France and Prof Kleynhans in Germany for conferences.


Speaking on services trade and development at the WTO public forum Reply

sonja-by-wtoLast week a number of colleagues accompanied the NWU’s WTO chair holder (Prof Wilma Viviers) to the 16th WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. On the 29th Dr Grater was invited as a panelist in a session was devoted to sharing the results from the North-West University’s TRADE (Trade and Development) research entity and the ICTSD’s on-going work on services and sustainable and inclusive economic development in LDCs and LICs.

wilma-by-wtoTopics that were addressed included the linkages between services and sustainable development, the relationship between services and gender outcomes, and the linkages between service-orientated SMEs and sustainable development objectives. The introductory remarks were handled by Wilma Viviers, Director, TRADE (Trade and Development) research focus area, North-West University. The other panelists were Nicholas Frank, Programme Officer, ICTSD; Sonja Grater, Senior lecturer and researcher, North-West University and Julia Lipowiecka, Independent Consultant.

The Public Forum stimulated debate and acts as platform for voices to be heard. Only by putting words into action will Forums such as this escape the accusation of mere talk and no action, frequently leveled at such gatherings.