Research: Unacceptable forms of work Reply


Proff. Schenk and Blaauw

On 14 and 15 September 2017, Derick Blaauw along with his long time co-researcher, Prof Rinie Schenck of the University of the Western Cape’s Department of Social Work attended the 2nd Unacceptable Forms of Work: Global dialogue/ local innovation II workshop in Durham, England. They were invited by the organisers of a global research project on unacceptable forms of work, sponsored by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) in the United Kingdom. The Unacceptable Forms of Work project has been set up to investigate important questions at the heart of this worldwide phenomenon. The project leaders are Professor Deirdre McCann of Durham Law School, Professor Judy Fudge of Kent Law School and Dr Sangheon Lee of the International Labour Organisation. According to ILO Unacceptable Forms of Work can take many forms, but its core broad definition is as follows: “… work in conditions that denies fundamental principles and rights at work, put at risk the lives, health, freedom, human dignity and security of workers or keep households in conditions of extreme poverty”. More…